Season 2021/2022

Welcome to the new season!

The home team is responsible for providing the scoresheet.

To receive a scoresheet compliance, point each team must complete 1 & 2 below:

  1. Score sheet must be fully completed (including surnames), and signed by the Captain’s. This signifies the agreement of match results.

  2. Each team to send a text message to the score secretary stating the team name and attach a focused photo of the score sheet. This must be sent by the end of the playing day. This includes a match forfeit, or a match abandoned, by the end of the planned playing day.

  3. Score Secretary – Beverly Pead, Mobile Phone 0402 857 682.

  4. Draws and Ladders are accessible via the LVTA Inc. website -
    Go to the Seniors menu and select Senior Results/Ladders option.